Why should you try Newcastle Crystal Maze game?

You might have played a good many video games or online games especially the adventurous games, but today, we bring you such a game that you haven’t probably played or heard before this, because it is not a video game but it is practical game, in which, there’s a king of Egypt, who got a temple built in the desert to store his enormous wealth.

Newcastle Crystal Maze Themed Escape Game (2)And now that there is neither king nor is his kingdom. Being a player of the game, you are tasked to find out the treasure and then come back out of that particular old temple. All the action is not an absolute breeze.

In the first place, you need a team with a captain. It may be you or somebody else. The decision of appointing the captain must be with one accord in order to avoid any controversy on later stages. The most interesting fact of Newcastle Crystal Maze game is that you do each and everything in reality unlike video games where you do everything as a figment of your imagination predefined by the developer of the game despite the fact that, this game has also predefined story but it is all about what you doing in real not just using your mouse or joystick etc.

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Guide about how to use Props?

Gmod3Playing as a Prop might be fairly challenging. Your ultimate goal is to change into a Prop or object on the map and then hide from opponent players. You win that round if one Prop is still alive when time runs out or hunters have been killed themselves. Use an ‘E’ key when you are very close to a prop and a cursor is above it / in its area in order to transform into a prop. Be cautious not to get stuck when converting yourself into prop as you might end up with a wall or an additional prop.

Moving props

Moving props in the gmod free could be used to your benefit to make an area tougher to search or to hide under anything else. To pick up a prop devoid of transforming into it press/hold crouch key (normally ‘Control’ or ‘Ctrl’) then press an ‘E’ key in order to pick the prop up. There are some things to note with that one being that you should be directly above a prop to pick it up as there should be a short distance between you and prop in order to pick it up. Then walking while carrying a prop is quite onerous as a prop bounces off resulting slowing you down, an ideal option is walking sideways or backward to avoid this. Thirdly, if, for any reason, a prop gets caught against a wall or any object in a game and you do not move it back out you’ll most likely drop it as you need to move.


Taunting is sometimes being used to mock hunters but used as well to assist them finding you or guide them elsewhere. Whenever you taunt, the prop would play a random taunt from a server that all players may hear. However, beware though as there are endless taunts that won’t stop playing until the round is over. To taunt in the gmod free press ‘F3’ key on a Mac computer, you might need to change the settings as well to use any other function key as the standard keys then holding ‘Alt’ or ‘Option’ button while pressing any function key might work for you.

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A quite safe way to raise your rank

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Top rated ELO boost service out there!

People want promotion in everything they do whether it is about their business they do or they are just doing something to get entertained such as LOL games. When it come to the ELO boost, the name of lolboost.net can’t be set aside. Of course, it’s a very big site where you can find top players that can play for you to boost your account. You choose one of them for you, allow them access to your account and then see what they do for you at quite reasonable rates in a way that you’ll be in the joys of spring.

elo-boost-2Thousands of people are using our site, those who are fond of LOL games. Look, it’s just an entertainment but some people are doing business. There are a lot of businesses in the world, which are being put into practice based on the fondness of people. For example, Cricket and Football are just games but they have become a source of a huge worldwide chain of business for thousands of people who have made their fortune. Look at the spectators sitting in the stadium, why are there getting some time to freshen their exhausted minds. Some people see ELO boost with a critical eye that’s a wrong approach on their part as you have no right to criticize anybody who is having fun in something, especially something which is not causing harms to others.

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