Is tempur-pedic an ideal memory mattress?

loom-and-leaf-vs-tempur-pedic-1In just a very few short years, this all new company has become as well-known as few companies who have been making mattresses for more than a century. They are seen by numerous customers as making best mattress in a market. But is loom and leaf vs tempur pedic comparison deserved?First, let us find out what was so diverse regarding a Tempur-Pedic mattress. Simply, it was a revolution in mattress world. Tempur-Pedic mattress was designed like no other mattress, made from one single piece of visco-elastic material known as TEMPUR.

Originally, NASA created visco-elastic for use in seats of astronauts to assist absorbs G-forces. Material would yield to exact shape of astronaut therefore assisting to alleviate pressure points on body. A small company was quick to understand that, if visco-elastic can assist protect bodies of astronaut from G-forces, it could also assist individual with back problems get support they needed for a comfortable sleep at night: world’s very first foam mattress was manufactured.

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