Why should you try Newcastle Crystal Maze game?

You might have played a good many video games or online games especially the adventurous games, but today, we bring you such a game that you haven’t probably played or heard before this, because it is not a video game but it is practical game, in which, there’s a king of Egypt, who got a temple built in the desert to store his enormous wealth.

Newcastle Crystal Maze Themed Escape Game (2)And now that there is neither king nor is his kingdom. Being a player of the game, you are tasked to find out the treasure and then come back out of that particular old temple. All the action is not an absolute breeze.

In the first place, you need a team with a captain. It may be you or somebody else. The decision of appointing the captain must be with one accord in order to avoid any controversy on later stages. The most interesting fact of Newcastle Crystal Maze game is that you do each and everything in reality unlike video games where you do everything as a figment of your imagination predefined by the developer of the game despite the fact that, this game has also predefined story but it is all about what you doing in real not just using your mouse or joystick etc.

Not only you but each member of the team will enjoy Newcastle Crystal Maze game. The game is an acid test of both your mental and physical abilities. You are never going to feel bored at any stage or world of this practical game. In order to be a part the game, you need an advanced booking as the booking on this game is at the peak these days. Once you’ve enjoyed this game, you will forget to celebrate your holidays to visit somewhere that you think is worth visiting by all accounts.